Who are the students?

At Tŷ-Jia, we teach English to adults from all over the world. The students are working professionals, housewives/househusbands, and college/university students.

How big are the classes?

We offer a range of class sizes. The regular groups are a max of 12 students. The average class size is 5-6 students. There are no large classes as we believe this will affect the quality of the lesson.

How much does it cost?

Our lessons are $30/hour. Registration is free. There are no other hidden charges. We also offer all prospective students a free consultation session. There are no expensive packages, instead, payment is monthly.

What if I miss a class?

We upload all information from the lessons - whiteboard screenshots, homework details to the online class groups. Login online and talk to your teacher and classmates about what you missed. Catch up sessions are also available.

Do the teachers speak standard English?

Yes, our teachers are native English speakers. Our teacher will speak a standard form of English in class. He or she will use correct grammar and have clear pronunciation. Of course, regional variations in English can be fun to learn, but they are only part of language learning. At Tŷ-Jia, we ensure that all our teachers are able to speak English well.

Are the teachers qualified?

A well-trained teacher is constantly assessing the needs of individual students. He/She will plan lessons with every student in mind and ensure that every student is learning.  At Tŷ-Jia we take great care in our teacher selection and in training our teachers. In fact, you may even have a second teacher in your classroom from time to time as our teachers are constantly supporting and learning from each other.

Do the lessons meet my needs?

It is important that the lessons will help you achieve your goals. At Tŷ-Jia, we offer a number of different lesson-styles and courses along with feedback sessions and goal-setting consultations. We will discuss the different options with you.

What is the teaching style?

At Tŷ-Jia, each student is continually assessed and lessons are planned and taught accordingly.  Teacher-contact time is used in the most beneficial way. This means working with students on tasks they would not be able to do alone. Teachers do not ask students to do large amounts of 'self-study work' during class-time. Instead, lessons are interactive, engaging and most importantly, FUN!

What about homework?

Homework is provided along with study strategies and skills to reinforce classwork and to continue learning between classes. At Tŷ-Jia, however, we understand that each student is different.  Some students have time for lots of homework, while others don’t. At Tŷ-Jia we provide optional homework. Homework is given according to individual need and you may not always have the same homework as your classmate.  The homework is related to the classroom learning and we often give you videos to watch or things to read so that there is more time for practice in class. Of course, the more homework you do, the more you will improve!

Do the teachers provide feedback?

Students receive individual and group feedback in class. Individual consultations are organised as needed.

Do you provide certificates?

We can give you a school certificate. We can also write a personal recommendation letter to a university or employer if you need it.
For internationally recognised certificates, we can help you to study for an external exam such as IELTS.

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