Does your English accent matter?

Does your English accent matter? This is a tricky one and everyone is divided on this topic. Have a read and let us know what you think below.

If you speak English in a country where English is the native language, your accent is important.  Unfortunately, people form still opinions of each other based on how they look and how they sound. So, the more similar your accent is to the listener, the more comfortable the listener will feel. Conversely, the more different your accent is, the more assumptions they will make.

…and No!
If you live and/or work in a big city with a diverse population, work in international business and move in social circles with others who are globally mobile (and all have different accents themselves) perhaps people will be less judgmental.

So what should you do?
Generally learners of English can aim for a standard international native-like English accent. If you meet people and they think that you sound like a native English speaker, but have no idea where you are from – you have done it! 

English Lessons
Take English lessons with properly trained teachers, who are passionate about English as a second language. At Ty-jia English your lessons will have plenty of pronunciation integrated into the regular lesson.  If you need additional help you can sign up for a session dedicated to pronunciation, or simply ask one of the teachers to help you in the lobby! 

Work through a pronunciation book with listening tracks such as one from the “Pronunciation in Use” or “Focus on Pronunciation” series’. Use videos on YouTube. You can follow our channel here. We have a new pronunciation video coming this Friday!

Record yourself.
Record yourself and listen to how you sound.  Compare it with native pronunciation. It is also useful to use video and compare the shape of your lips and mouth to videos of native-like pronunciation.  If you don’t like recording videos of yourself – try using a mirror!

Final thoughts
Ultimately, what accent to learn depends on your lifestyle and future plans.

Comment challenge
Leave a comment below. Do you think accent is important? Tell us which accent you would like to learn and why. 
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